One Step Closer

Yes, I’m well aware that the title of this subject is the title of a song. However this post is nothing to do with music. I’ve wanted to write this piece for quite some time, however I find it hard to articulate what I really want to say when describing myself and my mental health. […]

Self Care Saturday

I can’t believe that the first week of my holiday is over already. My Dad and Step Mum arrive tomorrow for a week. It’s going to be good seeing them and spending some time with them. So with the first week done, and may I say it has been the laziest week I’ve had in […]

One Size Fits All

The one thing I’ve noticed over the years is the amount of people that when they see me now, say to me. “If you hadn’t told me you were schizophrenic, I’d never have known.” I’m never quite sure whether it’s a compliment or not. I mean, what does a schizophrenic look like exactly? Are they […]

A Little Snippet of My Past

I’ve been there. Completely detached from the real world. Lost in a series of hallucinations and delusions. I was diagnosed just ten short years ago, and I lived with my symptoms for longer than that. Roughly fourteen years of symptoms and “odd” behaviours before I was told what was wrong with me. Below is a […]