Reflecting Back on 2020

Well as it draws nearer to midnight here for me. I can safely say I’ll be glad to see the back of this year. It hasn’t been all bad I have to admit. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and made some awesome friends along the way. So like most of the world I have […]

Finding that Inspiration in Darker Times

After speaking with my Dad the other week there, I explained that I hadn’t written anything for on here in quite some time. I just had no creative thoughts of what to write at all. My Dad suggested going back to happier moments in my life to draw some inspiration from them. The question then […]

My New Psychiatrist

So today marked my first session with my new psychiatrist, she was polite, understanding and a little apologetic that she hadn’t fully read my file yet, as she hasn’t yet gotten round to doing all the hand over stuff involved with my previous psychiatrist. With that aside though, she was great, had a wonderful manner, […]

Another Solar Rotation

As the title suggests, I have recently completed yet another rotation of our sun. Sure most folk tend to think of the parties and the celebrations. However for me I take it as a time to reflect and see where I am now compared to where I was a year ago. Now my period of […]

Friday Feels

So it is Friday yet again. Yet another week has gone. Not that I am complaining given this year and what has all occurred. The days just seem to be flying by just now. It will soon be my birthday, and then Halloween and then Christmas. This has been one of the fastest years ever […]

A Little Less Social Media

So I recently made the decision to deactivate my Facebook and Instagram. I have kept my Twitter as I need somewhere other than this blog to vent. Plus I am surrounded with a whole lot of supportive people on there. It might have only been a couple of days so far, but what a feeling […]

August Check-In

Well it has been roughly three weeks since I last posted. Three difficult weeks. When I last posted it was two weeks until the anniversary of my Mum’s passing. It is now a week since and I can honestly say I found it just as hard to deal with as the actual time she passed. […]

Hold on to Memories

I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite songs. This song by far has become one of my most played songs on Spotify, the band are amazing. the lyrics, although a little solemn, also bring a message of hope. We must seize the moment, take each moment as a gift and make […]

Where Does the Time Go??

I can’t believe that I am approaching the two year mark since my Mum’s passing. It has been a fast couple of years with lots of challenges faced, mainly for me, not having my Mum there to re-assure me that I am doing things in the right manner. She was as my grief counselor advised […]